Z-wave droppet i Harmony.

Morten H. Nielsen
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Tilmeldt: 20 mar 2008, 23:02
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Z-wave droppet i Harmony.

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Jeg fandet et indlæg i Logitechs forum, som siger helt klart at Z-Wave er droppet.

http://forums.logitech.com/logitech/boa ... ing&page=3 nederst.

"Hi guys! Now it's confirmed. Logitech WILL NOT EVER develop full Z-wave support on thier Harmonys 89X making it possible to run them as secondary remotes with other controllers. If you are smart raise hell and require a full refund! If Logitech is deceiving thier customers (no doubt about it) you have a strong negotiationstand to get a full refund. ..........." (læs selv i linket. :-) )