Adventures with Spark/Particle Core and HS3

Morten H. Nielsen
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Tilmeldt: 20 mar 2008, 23:02
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Adventures with Spark/Particle Core and HS3

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Endnu et nyt stykke legetøj. :-)

"Seen a load of post about people wanting wireless sensors and such like recently and I picked up a Particle (formerly Spark) Core last week to test it with HS3 as thought it could probably fill that gap nicely. These boards are a CC3000 WiFi chip, an ARM Cortex M3 processor and additional stuff in a very small package and a very reasonable price ($39 = £23 I paid). It has a very close to Arduino like language (I think it is basically C++ but a good amount of Arduino libraries have been ported) but a full API to use their own REST web services to do the hard work of actually talking to the device by HTTP commands. You can program it entirely over their web IDE so no installing software on your computer is needed."